unique wines of each wine region and a variety of fruit vodkas. Every guest who has visited Armenia at least once knows about the taste of the local food, which testifies to the wonderful sun, fertile land and water of Armenia, as well as environmental cleanliness.
Armenian cuisine is considered one of the oldest in the world. Great pastries, delicious meat dishes, expertly prepared vegetables, incredible desserts – in this country, they really know a lot about food. Will tell you that you need to try in Armenia in the first place. We will advise you what products you should bring home to repeat your favorite options in your kitchen. Descriptions of traditional Armenian dishes with photos will help you not to confuse anything and find all the most delicious.

What to try in Armenia: TOP 9 national dishes

Хоровац (Шашлик)

The most popular dish of Armenian cuisine that every tourist should try. Khorovats is a shish kebab that Armenia is famous for all over the world. The dish is prepared from large pieces of pork or lamb. The meat is marinated in cognac or wine. Despite its impressive size, the Armenian shish kebab turns out to be evenly fried: an appetizing crispy crust on the outside, juicy flesh on the inside. It is usually served with vegetables baked on coals. There are two types of khorovats worth trying in Armenia

  • Kars – large pieces of meat are fried on skewers and exclusively on coals.
  • Khazani-shish kebab of selected steaks, fried in a frying pan until golden brown.


Khashlama is a bright representative of the national dishes of the Armenian cuisine. There are many ways to prepare this dish. Each hostess has her own, but you can distinguish the general principle of cooking: this is meat and vegetables, stewed in layers in a saucepan or cauldron. which is a classic version of this dish of Armenian cuisine. Hashlama resembles a very, very thick soup, but it still belongs to the second course. In the summer, you can please your family and guests with hashlama cooked in a cauldron on an open fire, but on the stove you get an equally delicious and flavorful treat.


Or dolma, whatever. Georgia and Armenia constantly argue about the ownership of this dish. No one knows where the original recipe was invented. However, it does not matter, because both peoples prepare amazing tolma, which tourists should definitely try. Ruddy grape leaves stuffed with rice with chopped beef and herbs. Very satisfying, appetizing, really delicious dish. Vegetarians in Armenia are advised to try pasut-tolma – which is an artfully prepared vegetable stuffed with a mixture of beans and grains.

Bring a mixture of spices for tolma from Armenia. Traders in the bazaars will definitely help you choose the «right» seasonings.


Of course, this dish can be tasted not only in Armenia. However, meat meatballs kufta in this country are prepared in a special way. Only selected beef is used for them. The meat is twisted into a homogeneous minced meat, then onions are added to it, and sometimes a little wine. Kufta in Armenia is usually served with melted butter and hot pepper tsitsak-try the dish in this form without a side dish to reveal the true taste of the meat.

Bring a few pods of green tsitsak pepper from Armenia. It is useful not only for serving kufta.


Harisa (or arisa) is a very hearty Armenian dish. It’s a cross between mashed soup and porridge. Harisu prepared from boiled wheat (cereals Zavar) with chicken. Before serving, a generous piece of butter is usually added to the dish. It sounds too simple, but this is the first thing to eat in Armenia in winter. Harissa seems to warm from the inside, and its delicate taste is very pleasant.

In Armenia, you can buy some dzavar cereals. It is very useful. It can be used to prepare not only harissa, but also ordinary whole-grain cereals.


This sour – milk soup is worth trying in Armenia twice: in winter – hot, in summer-cold. Imagine welded, and then dried to a light crunch cereal zwar. Add to it matzoni (this is a fermented milk drink that resembles our curdled milk), spices, eggs. The latter are poured raw, and then cooked as part of the soup – it tastes better this way. In summer, the soup is usually diluted with tan and cooled, and in winter it is served thicker.

Dried basil, cilantro, mint-these spices can be bought in the bazaars of Yerevan to bring home. With them, you will prepare tanapur in your kitchen.


A popular dish of Caucasian and Transcaucasian cuisine in Armenia is prepared a little differently. It is considered national, so you should definitely try it. Hash is a soup made from beef legs, head, and tripe. It doesn’t sound too appetizing, but in fact it turns out delicious. At least, meat lovers who decided to try the Armenian hash soup are satisfied. The meat and bones are thoroughly cleaned and then cooked for 6-8 hours. The food is only broth. The bravest drink it in the morning before breakfast. For lunch in Armenia, khash is served with pieces of meat separated from the bones. Radish, greens, thin dried pita bread are mandatory. In Armenia, it is not customary to eat hash with cognac (only vodka).

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A sweet dish that is very popular in Armenia. Previously, it was prepared only on holidays, but today it can be found at any time of the year. Hapama is an Armenian dessert made of baked pumpkin stuffed with rice with dried fruits, nuts, apples, plums, dates, and most importantly – spices. The natural sweetness of the dish is complemented by honey. Pumpkin is usually served with melted butter. This dish in Armenia is worth trying for vegetarians and all sweet tooths. Savory, healthy, delicious. Ghapama is especially good in the fall with fragrant tea.

Bring home Armenian dried fruits. They are natural, they are not treated with anything. In the markets of Yerevan, you can buy dried apricots, prunes, raisins, figs or something else – all at pleasant prices. For cooking ghapama is also buy almonds or other nuts.


Very tasty natural Armenian sweetness, which should please the sweet tooth (in the photo-on the left and in the middle between the churchkhela). Alani is made from sun-dried peaches. The stone is removed, and the fruit is stuffed with an amazing mixture of walnuts, ground with sugar, cinnamon and cardamom. The aroma of this Armenian dessert can not even be expressed in words – be sure to try it. This unique sweetness is almost impossible to find outside of Armenia, so do not give up on it.

There is traditionally a large selection of alani in the markets of Yerevan. Sometimes this sweetness is made from figs or apricots instead of peaches. All options should be brought from Armenia as a gift to your loved ones.