What to see and where to go in Armenia for 2 to 4 people with family (prepare routes here at prices ) or long weekend (3-4 days). and Routes in winter Logical routes guide for daily travel, a list of the main places in Armenia with a photo, description and coordinates of each city, monastery, miracle of nature. If you don’t have time, you don’t know where you want to go and you can’t decide! That’s not a problem at all, send me your preferences and the number of days and in just 5 minutes I will tell you the best places and travel options with maximum details. (Explore popular attractions such as Khor Virap against the background of the biblical Mount Ararat), Areni wine world, Jermuk waterfall resort, Ijevan extreme amusement park, Khndzoresk cave city, Satan’s bridge, tatev, Armenian sea Sevan, Dilijan lake Parz, swinging bridge, symphony of garni stones, and much more!

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Routes in Armenia

Unusual excursions from Yerevan and back to Yerevan in the evening

What to see in Armenia in 1-2 weeks TOP-10

​​ Circular route in Armenia for 1-2 weeks. The most logical option, because the roads in Armenia are good everywhere.

Even if it seems that you can go 100-200 km every day and come back to Yerevan, there is no point in this. On public transport, this is definitely not possible.

Therefore, we rent an apartment in Yerevan for 1-2 nights, and then we spend the night in cities and resorts along the route.



​​Day 1-2. Yerevan

Any city owes its atmosphere to the people you know in it. Don’t you know Armenians? Go to the overview excursion In Yerevan to set the mood for your trip. At the same time, check with the guide where the food is delicious nowadays, where it is worth going.

Do you want it yourself? Go to Republic Square, the Vernissage flea market, the pedestrian North Avenue, to the sculptures of Fernando Botero, to the Grand Cascade stairs, to the observation decks of Victory Park, to the Matenadaran repository of ancient manuscripts.

In one full day you can see most of the sights of Yerevan, in 2 days you will be able to cover everything if you are ready to walk a lot and spend a couple of dollars on a taxi: What to see in Yerevan


​​Day 2 or 3. Yerevan surroundings

Yerevan- Zvartnots- Echmiadzin- Garni- Gegard- Overnight in Yerevan
Yerevan- Zvartnots Echmiadzin- Garni- Geghar

Temple of Zvartnots, 15 km — «Temple of Vigilant Angels», the most unusual of the oldest temples in Armenia, on the UNESCO list. Entrance

Coordinates: 40.161230, 44.336346
Tue-Sat: 10.00-17.00, Sun: 10.00-15.00
Day off: Monday

Holy Etchmiadzin, 20 km — the main Cathedral of the Armenian Apostolic Church. One of the oldest spiritual centers in the country, the Armenian analogue of the Vatican.

Located in the city of Vagharshapat. In 2-3 hours you can visit by minibus and return to Yerevan.

Coordinates: 40.161941, 44.291140
the main temple is open 7.00-21.00

Garni (30 km) is a pagan temple. Built in the 1st century AD, rebuilt during the union. For a long time there was a summer residence of the kings in the village of Garni. Entrance


Near Garni, see the Stone Symphony (Basalt Organ).

Garni Pagan Temple

Geghard (40 km) — the monastery seems to grow out of the rock, merging with the surrounding landscapes. There is a sacred spring with healing water in the temple. Delicious honey-filled pies are sold at the foot.

Plan 3-4 hours on a minibus, you have to walk 6 km from the stop or take a taxi. Faster and more convenient by car from Yerevan Garni + Geghard (they are nearby).

Excursion: pagan Garni Geghard monastery

 chto-posmotret -vozle-erevana

​​Day 4. Let’s go to the south of Armenia

Yerevan- Khor Virap- wine in Areni- Noravank- Jermuk
Yerevan- Khor Virap- Areni- Noravank- Jermuk

Khor Virap Monastery (40 km) with a panoramic view of Mount Ararat is the most visited attraction in the vicinity of Yerevan. The border with Turkey is visible from the walls of the monastery.

gps: 39.878374, 44.576059

Khor Virap Monastery overlooking Ararat

🍷 Areni — a village 12 km from Yeghegnadzor. Here are caves, a church. Famous for its local wine, there are a couple of wineries. They offer to taste or buy ordinary and fruity wine, cognac, chacha.

If you are interested in wine, you can order wine tour And visit Khor Virap, Areni and Noravank in a day from Yerevan.

Noravank Monastery , 120 km from Yerevan and 80 km from Khor Virap. Noravank in the red canyon and the cave of swallows are one of the brightest places in Armenia, and not so much the monastery itself, but the road leading to it and the views.

Noravank away from the main road, before reaching the town of Yeghegnadzor. We turn off the road to the right and drive 8 km through the mountains on good asphalt.

Noravank Monastery in the red canyon

Jermuk is a high-mountain resort that was popular in Soviet times. They even built their own airport (it doesn’t work).

There are several sanatorium, a gallery of mineral water, a park and a lake.

Jermuk is divided into two parts by a high canyon and, in addition to mineral water, is famous for its “Mermaid Hair” waterfall.

Overnight stay in Jermuk — during the low season the best 5 * city Hyatt Place Jermuk costs only $ 50. or the Hotel Anush costs 33 $

​​Day 5-6. Southeast of Armenia

Jermuk- Gndevank- Shaki- Karahunj- Ropeway- Tatev- Satan’s Bridge- Goris- Khndzoresk
Jermuk — Gndevank — Shaki — Karahunj — Tatev — Devil’s Bridge — Goris — Khndzoresk

Overnight stay in Goris, Halidzor or Tatev. From unusual housing hotel-barrel Harsnadzor near Halidzor (it’s cold in the barrels in winter!). or Vivas

The sights described below are best viewed in 2 days . In one day, just by car, at a full gallop, and in summer, when the roads are dry. Or miss something

Gndevank Monastery, one of the oldest in Armenia, stands at the bottom of the canyon in the Vayots gorge, and not on the top like other churches. In Jermuk, bus excursions to the Gndevank monastery are offered, gps: 39.759125, 45.610763

Shaki Falls near Sisian is used to generate electricity. Included by prior arrangement only when there are tourists, gps: 39.552528, 45.993874

There is no need to go on purpose, only if you drop on the road.

Karahunj (Zorats-Karer) , it is also called the “Stone Forest of Goris” or Armenian Stohenge, gps: 39.552011, 46.028759

According to various versions, there was an ancient observatory, a cemetery, and a cattle corral here. Place of power.

223 basalt stones stand in a certain order on a mountain plateau at an altitude of 1770 m above the sea. The height of the stones is from one and a half to 2.8 meters.

It is located 3 km north of Sisian. Drive on a dirt road.

Cable car and Tatev monastery, 250 km from Yerevan the longest cable car in Europe, called «Wings of Tatev» in honor of the monastery to which it leads, gps: 39.417165, 46.297744

The start of the cable car near the village of Halidzor. two way

, children (up to 110 cm) —

The last departure from Halidzor is at 17.30, after 16.30 two-way tickets are not sold. Day off: Monday

We put the car in the parking lot in Halidzor, go to the Tatev monastery on the cable car, watch and return for the car…

You can also go to Satan’s Bridge under the cable car. You need to make a circle and go down to Satan’s bridge by car or on foot (it takes about 4 hours on foot). Swim under the bridge in the mineral springs.

 kanatnaya-doroga -tatev-armenia

Goris ( 240 km from Yerevan) is a relatively large city in the south of Armenia. There are many guesthouses, a bank and several cafes.

In Goris, inspection of cave cities (huge holes in the rocks, where people lived 50-60 years ago). Some of the caves are now used as warehouses.

There are cave cities not only in Goris, but also in several villages to the east of the city.

Goris is also pink

Khndzoresk, — watch the cave city and the suspension bridge over the abyss at a height of 60 meters from the ground. Built several years ago, gps: 39.500886, 46.432545

We did not reach the suspension bridge, because the road turned into a mess. They were afraid to interfere. There is no asphalt laid there. In summer, when the road is dry, it should be approx.

Suspension bridge to Khndzoresk

​​Day 7. Selim pass and Lake Sevan

Selim- Caravanserai- Noratus- Hayravank- Sevanavank- Tsakhkadzor- Dilijan
Vardenyats Pass- Orbelian Caravansarai- Noratus- Hayravank- Sevanavank- Dilijan

If we leave Goris or Tatev in the morning, we have time for the following:

Selim Pass , aka Vardenyats Pass — a direct road to Lake Sevan from the south of Armenia. You need to get to Yeghegnadzor and go to the Right North along M10. The road is good, but mountains + altitude = snow from November to March. When there is snow, it is better not to drive a car. The views are very beautiful, cool in summer.

Selim Caravanserai , on the Google map it is called Orbelian Caravansarai — caravans stopped here when they went along the Silk Road from Persia to Asia and to the Black Sea. Gps: 39.949811, 45.235895

The caravanserai was covered with snow, 2 meters of snow

Noratus (Noratus) near the city of Gavar — a cemetery of khachkars near Lake Sevan, gps: 40.375512, 45.182528

 noratus -armenia
Noratus Khachkar Cemetery

Hayravank Monastery above Sevan near Gavar — few people reach it, but the view of Lake Sevan from its walls is more picturesque. The monastery itself is rough, small. Gps: 40.433796, 45.108266

 hayravank -armenia
Hayravank Monastery over Sevan▫ Sevan whitefish and crayfish . If you want to eat whitefish (local) or crayfish in Sevans, head to the tsovatsots restaurant overlooking the lake. Delicious and inexpensive. Fish shashlik — 2500 AMD / portion. I advise. The restaurant is located on the right side of the highway, and if you go from Airavank towards the village of Chkalovka along the M10. You need to drive from Hayravank literally 17 km along the lake

🦞 Excursion to Lake Sevan from Yerevan

Restaurant tsovatsots — one-storey building on the bank of Sevan 40.511023, 986841,44

Sevanavank . The Sevan Peninsula and the Sevanavank Monastery are the most touristic places on Lake Sevan. The church is on a hill, you need to climb the steep steps for a couple of minutes. Gps: 40.564105, 45.010679

Sevanavank monastery, Lake Sevan, Gegharkunik Province, Armenia

Sevanavank Monastery on the Sevan Peninsula

Tsaghkadzor — a ski resort 30 km from Lake Sevan. Season until mid-March

Overnight stay in Sevan, Tsaghkadzor or Dilijan (for example, in a forest on a mountain in a traditional Armenian house Ecokayan Dilijan Resort )

Sevan — Armenian Sea

​​Day 8. Dilijan and surroundings

Dilijan — Goshavank — Haghartsin — Lermontovo (Fioletovo)

The north of Armenia is also beautiful, I even made a travel itinerary for that region, but it didn’t work out.

We drove in March, the weather was cloudy, we had enough time to get fed up with monasteries, bald mountains were no longer so delighted, so we left the surroundings of Dilijan and Alaverdi for the next time. Better there in summer, or at least when the sun is shining.

North of Armenia:

  • Dilijan — sightseeing of the city, you can walk in the mountains on foot (there are eco-trails)
  • Haghartsin Monastery in the forest
  • Goshavank Monastery
  • Russian villages of Old Believers Fioletovo and Lermontovo
  • Makaravank Monastery
Monument to the heroes of the movie «Mimino» in sunny Dilijan

​​Day 9. Lori region

I took a minibus on that road 3 times. Indescribable beauty. The road is ok when compared with the highway to Tatev. In the area of ​​ Alaverdi you can see:

Haghpat Monastery and to the north of it — Akhtala (beautiful frescoes), to the south — Sanahin and the church Odzun ( go for the sake of landscapes and the world’s oldest relief image of Orthodox saints)

Haghpat Monastery

​​Day 10. Extinct Volcano

Aragats — Amberd — Lake Kari — Artashavan (alphabet square)

Return to Yerevan

These attractions are available from June to early October. In winter and spring, it is difficult to visit Aragats because of the snow. There is a serpentine road (leaky asphalt).

  • Extinct volcano Aragats — the highest mountain in Armenia (4094 m)
  • Amberd Fortress — an ancient fortress built on the slope of Mount Aragats at an altitude of 2200 m. There is an old church near the fortress
  • Lake Kari — alpine lake on Mount Aragats at an altitude of 3200 m
  • Alphabet Square in the village of Artashavan, 30 km from Yerevan on the slope of Mount Aragats. I’m not sure if it is worth it to specially go by transport, but if along the way, you can drop by
Lake Kari on Mount Aragats


In two weeks, all of the above sights of Armenia can be reached only by car. Day 5 and Day 8 on this route are very busy, you may not have time to see everything.

In winter, it is better to go to Lake Sevan ( day 7 ) along the M4 highway from Yerevan, because you can get stuck on the Selim pass when you go from the south of Armenia.

Day 10 is feasible only from June to early October, while there is no snow on Mount Aragats.

If you travel by minibuses and on foot, feel free to add another week or remove some points from the route.

Hitchhiking is also a question. There are kind people in Armenia and a good stop, but many monasteries are located in the mountains far from the road, so there may be no cars.