Jermajur is located at an altitude of 2200-2400 m, on the banks of the Tartar river, South of Karvachar. Sotka railway station is 75 km from Jermajur. Jermajur is rich in hot natural springs. Hence the origin of the name «warm water / spring».Mineral water has medicinal properties. You can swim for a long time in the pool built around the source.
The pool is located on the banks of the Tartar river: 20 km from Karvachara. The road leading to Jermajur is also interesting; it runs along the banks of the river Tartarus: among the mountains and forests. On the banks of the river Tartarus there are hot natural healing springs, the water temperature of which reaches 60º C, regardless of the time of year.The hot, acidic and mineral water available in these underground springs is similar in composition and medicinal properties to the mineral waters of Karlovy vary in the Czech Republic. By the way, the place where this rich hot water spring Jermajur is located is also called Jermajur.