The monastery of Hovhannavank is situated in the village of Banavan Marz Aragatsotni. The monastic complex:

— Basilica of St. Grigor (V century) provides one of the few Armenian iconostasis. From the North to the temple adjacent to the ruins of the Church of the first Christians, referring to the beginning of the IV century. The main Church was built in 1212-1221гг. Vache Vachutyan and attached to the chapel – his son — Kurd Vachutyan. Of great interest is a bas-relief over the entrance to the main Church with the image of Christ and “wise and foolish virgins”;

— Surb Karapet (1216 -1221) is the main Church of the monastery cross-domed type. The walls are richly decorated with bas-reliefs and ornaments with Christian themes. Built by Prince Vache Vachutyan;

— Four-column Gavit is an interesting dvenadtsatikolonnom belfry, rotunda, having a diameter of 6.5 meters, the largest among the similar structures in Armenia. The southern wall of the temple and the high dome was destroyed in 1919 during a strong earthquake. In 1970 — 1990 a great reconstruction, in which these elements of the Church were restored. Up to the present time the remains of the fortress walls with towers of the XII-XIII centuries and ancient gravestones.