Zorats karer translates as «stone warriors.» Also known as Karahunj.

Presumably, the oldest stone Observatory in the world; located in the South of Armenia in Syunik region near the town Sisian, on a mountain plateau with a height of 1770 metres above sea level.

Age of Karahunj is 7,500 years old. The area that encircles the monument, is more than 7 hectares.

B for several decades, there have been several research expeditions to study Zorats karer.

In September 2010 the University of Oxford in conjunction with the Royal geographical observability researched Karahunj — the expedition was organized by Oxford astrophysicist, doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences Mihran Vardanyan, to check on previous results, and to produce modern 3D maps of the monument. Expedition leader Mihran Vardanyan said that the monument can be one of the oldest observatories in the world.

Dr. Mihran Vardanyan said that the mysterious stone circles, and some scientists are skeptical about astronomical purpose objects, such as Stonehenge or Stonehenge in England. «The idea of the necropolis, of course, true, but after our first investigation of the Central circle, it is clear that the monument towards the Sun, most likely aligned with Moon — which is very interesting, perhaps even agreed with some of the stars and planets — as evidenced by the small holes drilled through the monoliths and aimed at the horizon.These holes makes this exceptional megalithic monument unique out of all similar European sites.»