«The gorge of flowers”, the snowy “oasis”, the ski “paradise” of Armenia — all this is about Tsakhkadzor. This resort attracts thousands of tourists in winter. No, no, we are not only talking about those who love and know how to ski. Everyone who is not indifferent to the beauty of pristine nature, the grandeur of mountain peaks and crystal clear, as if ringing frosty air comes here.

In pursuit of longevity

A fast and comfortable taxi will get you to Tsaghkadzor from the airport in less than an hour. From the very first steps on the resort grounds, it becomes clear: this is a completely different world. The word “fairy tale” is well suited to describe the opening landscape. Emotions and well-being are more difficult to describe. This is due to the fact that the local air has negative ionization. When it is inhaled, the level of hemoglobin in a person’s blood rises sharply, creating a very pleasant, slightly intoxicating feeling of lightness and relaxation.

Every minute of your stay in Tsaghkadzor literally prolongs your life. There is everything here to have a great rest and recharge with vivacity and energy for the future. Fans of alpine skiing can enjoy five slopes of varying steepness. Desperate brave souls have the opportunity to start skiing from the highest point, located at an altitude of 2819 meters. From there you have an incredible view of Lake Sevan and Mount Ararat.

Anyone who wants to personally try the ski slopes of Tsaghkadzor can go to the resort as early as November. During this period, there is quite enough snow here, and the air temperature continues to delight with its benevolence: it extremely rarely drops below 6-7 degrees. The winter period in Tsakhkadzor is always characterized by an abundance of snow, with snowdrifts reaching one and a half meters.

Those who prefer entertainment that is far from skiing will also find something to do in Tsakhkadzor. Bowling, horseback riding, snowboarding, a huge ice skating rink — everyone can choose an activity that is good for the soul and body.

Excursions to the origins of centuries-old history

Tsaghkadzor is known to everyone as a modern ski resort. And only a few know: this part of Armenia is rich in interesting cultural attractions. A visit to each of them opens up a veil of secrecy over the centuries-old history of the state for the tourist, helping to better understand this original, unique country.

Almost all excursions to Tsaghkadzor begin with a visit to the Kecharis Monastery. The medieval shrine is located at the foot of the Lambak ridge. The complex was built over three hundred years, it experienced the destructive force of the Tatar-Mongols, and after their invasion it was only partially restored. Four ancient churches, a chapel and an ancient cemetery — this is what Kecharis is today. Everyone who has been there notes the miraculous power of this holy place. Among the ancient buildings, an atmosphere of peace and tranquility remains, which involuntarily embraces all visitors.

Curious people will be interested in visiting the Orbeli Brothers Museum and the house of the poet Mandelstam. These people lived in the territory in different eras, but the beauty of Armenia inspired them for scientific research and poetry. The museum’s collection numbers 1,700 items, including many books, photographs, historical documents and maps.


A visit to the Molokan community will give you a new look at the history of the formation and development of Armenia. These people interpret the Christian faith in their own way. They are happy to communicate with tourists and talk about their beliefs, culture and traditions. All Armenians are like that; hospitality and respect for other people’s beliefs are in their blood..

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