Dilijan resort


Dilijan is located in the North-East of the Armenian highlands. The city is located 100 km northeast of Yerevan.

Dilijan is an old and beautiful city that has everything a tourist needs to be happy: picturesque streets, beautiful nature around with mountains, forests and lakes, and historical sights to admire. Here you can touch the clouds with your hand! The air here is very easy to breathe! You can safely plan this place for a family vacation or a vacation with friends. Very beautiful photos are obtained, there are excellent views.

You can come to Dilijan at any time of the year — it is always beautiful and bright.

Dilijan national Park

Dilijan national Park-one of the natural treasures of Armenia, the Park covers an area of 24,000 hectares.

Dilijan national Park was established in 1958 to preserve the country’s most valuable mountain landscapes. This unique area of Armenian nature stands out for its richness and diversity of flora and fauna, unique forest landscapes.

Dilijan Park is located in the basin of the Agstev and Getik rivers at an absolute altitude of 1100-2800 meters. The forest area covers 94% of the territory of the national Park.there are 102 species of trees, 35 species of mammals, reptiles, reptiles, 120 species of birds, the rarest of which are the black vulture, Caucasian grouse, and Golden eagle.

One of the best and most picturesque places in the Dilijan nature reserve is the Haghartsin gorge. There is a lake on the territory of the reserve Parz, Haghartsin, Goshavank, and Jukhtakvank Matosavank.

Dilijan is surrounded on almost all sides by the territory of the Dilijan nature reserve, one of the richest in the South Caucasus.

Lake Parz

In the Northern part of the city at an altitude of 1400 m is lake Parz. Its area is 2 hectares, the average depth is 8 meters.

Completely clean water enters the lake from mountain springs, so it has a light green hue. The name «Parz Lich» translates as «transparent lake». Trees growing along the coastline are reflected on the water surface and create a stunning «picture» effect. In the vicinity of the reservoir there are many cozy establishments and holiday homes where you can spend a good time, break away from the city bustle.

Haghartsin Monastery

Дилижан, Армения
Dilijan, ArmeniaThe monastery got its name from the ancient village of Haghartsin, of which only ruins remain today. The monastery buildings were built in the X-XIII century.

The monastery complex includes three churches: Surb Astvatsatsin, Surb Grigor and Surb Stepanos. In addition, there are khachkars on the territory of the monastery.

Monument to the heroes of the film Mimino

Мкртчян, Кикабидзе, и Леонов
Mkrtchyan, Kikabidze, and Leonov

Beautiful monument Mkrtchyan, Kikabidze, and Leonov as heroes of one of the most famous films of the Soviet era Mimino. It stands in the center of Dilijan, near the Park. Put there as a symbol of the expression in the movie «we have in Dilijan open the tap water goes second place in the world takes» Can be, indeed, takes second place in the world after San Francisco?

Do not forget to stand next to these heroes and wipe their hand or nose.

Dilijan street of artisans

«Street of artisans” is a beautiful new model that you won’t find right away, but then you can’t stop taking pictures.

The city center is located on the right edge. Agstev river, where its residential areas and shops are concentrated. There is also a restored quarter of historical buildings, with architectural elements typical of Dilijan-attics, wooden balconies with carved railings, carved window frames and doors.

The mountain resort of Dilijan

The ski resort is located at an altitude of 1450 m above sea level and includes the city Dilijan with the villages of Bldan, Shamakhyan, Golovino, Papanino.

In these areas, the mountains are covered with oak, coniferous, beech and other forests, creating a favorable atmosphere for recreation and treatment. Mineral water extracted in Dilijan, rich in silicates and iron, is used in the treatment of chronic gastritis.

In Dilijan, there are sanatoriums «Dilijan» and «Mountain Armenia», boarding houses, various recreation and entertainment centers.

The Monastery Of Matosavank

Матосаванк (арм. Մաթոսավանք) — небольшой монастырь, расположенный в горном лесном массиве Национального парка «Дилижан», в 3,5 км к северо-западу от города Дилижан
Matosavank (arm. Մաթոսավանք) is a small monastery located in the Mountain forest of the Dilijan national Park, 3.5 km Northwest of the city of DilijanAccording to the inscription on the main facade stone, the Church was built in 1205, built of roughly hewn stones and has a small structure covered with a vault,but there is no dome. At the entrance to the Church, on both sides, there are khachkars. The walls are built of rough hewn stones, plastered from the inside. It is illuminated by a single window, which is located on the Western wall. On the floor there are several tombstones (the inscriptions on them are illegible from time to time). The ruins of the Church, the narthex, and the library have been preserved, but the condition is very poor.

Local history Museum and art gallery in Dilijan

28 Myasnikyan St, Dilijan
28 Myasnikyan S, DilijanThe Museum was opened in 1950 by a teacher Yeghishe Hovsepyan.It contains works by Dutch, Italian, and French painters of the 16th and 18th centuries. There are original paintings by Aivazovsky, Bodkin, Porfirov and Kanata.The Museum has a total of 1,742 archaeological and ethnographic items, 407 paintings, 349 drawings, 52 sculptures and 391 items of applied art.