Tourists travel in order to get new impressions. Having visited Armenia, everybody gets much more. This country brings to life, changes one’s consciousness, leaves sense of belonging to something ancient and pure. Sights of Armenia do not present only unique architecture. They give an opportunity to connect with a centuries-old history, plunge into the mysterious world of the legends, wonderful music and delicious national cuisine.

Armenia is the museum under the open sky

Best places in Armenia to visit. You can hear from the residents, that every stone in Armenia is unique and has a historical value. It is not far from the truth. There are a lot of sights in the country, which is connected with the Christianization. That is why when you ask, what is firstly worth seeing in Armenia, 13 best places to visit in Armenia for tourists, one can name monasteries Khor-Virap, Tatev, Garni, Areni, Noravank, Jermuk, Cave town of Khndzoresk, Sevan, Tsaghkadzor, Eco tours, Shaki, Aragats, Dilijan It takes a long time to enumerate them. But in order to feel their beauty and splendour, you should visit them personally.

Ancient Urartu civilization with inscription, which is not decoded yet, the oldest knot carpet, grand mountain Ararat, gentile temple Garni, waterfall Jermuk, green forests, rich apricots, cognac, hospitality and flowery toasts characterize Armenia . It looks in such way for everybody, who comes here with the pure heart and desire to know something new. Whatever time of the year it is, rest in the Armenian resorts bring only positive emotions and bright impressions.

Winter fairytale in Armenia

If in summer tourists prefer to enjoy individual tours and seaside rest near Sevan lake, in winter everybody wants to visit valley Marmarak. Famous mountain ski resort Tsakhkadzor is located there. First-class tracks of different difficulty level are 12 km long at your disposal. The resort is located in 50 km far from Yerevan. You can book transfer from Tsaghkadzor beforehand.Climbing at the most top of the mountain, located at the height of more than 2000 meter is really worth it. In sunny weather you can see unforgettable view from there. There is such pure air! But these are only words. You should necessarily visit Armenia more than once!

Sights in Armenia: