Gndevank Monastery is a medieval Armenian complex, which is located in West of Gndevaz village of Vayots Dzor region, on the left bank of the Arpa River. The monastery is situated not far from resort Jermuk. The complex was constructed in 931-938 under the auspices of duchess Sopia (Sophia), the wife of the Syunik (region in Armenia) duke of dukes Smbat. The monastery was called after martyr Supan Gnduni. The construction was built of treated basalt; it is a cross-domed type, has four altars. Parts of bas-reliefs with illustrations of Christ as well as Virgin Mary are still preserved in the church. Duchess Sophia solemnly celebrated the finish of the construction and left an inscription on the wall of the church: “Vayots Dzor was a ring without a stone. I built this complex as a stone to it.”  There are khachkars (cross-stones) of 10-16 cc as well as grave stone of cradle form from the same period in the yard of Gndevank. Lots of lithographic inscriptions are preserved in the territory.