The Cathedral Of St. Of Christ, All Savior’s Armenian Cathedral in the town of Shushi in Nagorno Karabakh. It was built in 1868-87year. After Gandzasar it is the second spiritual center of Karabakh.

The Cathedral consists of a Church (1868-1887) bell (1858). Now there is the residence of the Primate of the Karabakh diocese.

The Church of Ghazanchetsots mentioned in the book «Journey to Armenia» Mesrop Takhiadyan (1820). It is believed that the bell tower was built before the Church, and the place of the Cathedral was another Church in the 18th century.

Before the construction of the new Church, the architects faced one problem. According to the Church rite, the priest at mass needs to ask for forgiveness of sins to another priest and to hear the following, «Let your ears hear what you say with your lips». Question howled that the Church was only one priest. In this situation, the architects found a way out and decided to build an underground room, where was held the forgiveness of the sins of priests. Room with acoustic structure was just magnificent.The priest asked for the forgiveness of sins and were hearing your own voice «Let your ears hear what you say with your lips».

This phenomenon is unique in its kind until today in the Cathedral of St. Of Christ the Savior Ghazanchetsots in that underground secret room, everyone can hear your voice even louder and unearthly effect. More remarkable effect can be obtained while singing. The interesting thing is that nearby people can’t hear what you hear.

The bell tower situated a few meters West of the Church, a three-storied building. At the entrance to the Church are sculptures of angels holding a trumpet. One of these sculptures is depicted on the coat of arms of Shushi.

The bell tower was built by a native of Susa Abraham Chandiranai. Building inscription of the bell tower, executed on the Eastern wall reads: «the bell tower was Built in memory of the late Gabriel Hovsepyan-Batirente that come from Kazanchi and the pilgrim Mkrtich Margaryan-Andamerica, the wife of his Balasan and sons Arup and Stepan and all catanico. Let vospominan God for his glory and for the salvation of the souls of all the living and the deceased. 1858″

Date of construction of the Cathedral is indicated in the inscriptions in the upper part of the southern portal.

After the Shusha massacre in 1920, the Cathedral ceased to function.

When the city was under the control of Azerbaijan, the Cathedral was used as a barn and later a garage.

At this time, was destroyed sculptures of angels that were located in front of the Church. Before the liberation of Shushi, he was in a dilapidated condition, there was no dome of the Church. During the Karabakh war Azerbaijan there was a warehouse of rockets of system «Grad».

After liberation, the Cathedral was fully restored and since 1998, is an active Church.

The Cathedral is located in the city centre. In appearance resembles the Ghazanchetsots Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin.

16 Oct 2008 in Nagorno-Karabakh was «the big wedding»: 700 pairs, 500 were married in the Cathedral Ghazanchetsots, a rest in the monastery of Gandzasar.

PS About this magnificent historical monument, and about his mysterious underground room you can talk endlessly, but it will be right to visit and see it with my own eyes.