Who has never heard about it yet? There is no place like Armenia – a small country with its mountains and valleys, where you can experience an unforgettable rest in the house. There, you will be treated like a close relative.

I suggest you to visit the village of Meghradzor. There, you will visit houses of the rural people and will see their ordinary life in reality. Only here you will receive a warm welcome and will be invited to drink a cup of coffee free of charge. If you want to spend some time with an Armenian family, you can get an accommodation. You will live in a separate room, know more about the way of life. You will be wined and dined. You will have an opportunity to snuggle pigs and sheep and feed chickens. All these pleasures are available in the wonderful place, named Meghradzor. Don’t be afraid of draining your purse. Prices are low here, but the nature looks like paradise. Fonds of rest far from noisy cities are welcome here. Enjoy clear air and bright stars at nights! There are hot thermal springs not far from there. So relaxation is guaranteed to you!!!

guest house in Meghradzor-cozy ecotourism zone (agro tourism)

overnight in the village of Meghradzor in a Guest room with a person 6000 drams. the price includes a good Breakfast. There are 3 separate rooms. 2 rooms 2 local. And 1 room up to 4 people.

For a tourist, getting to know another country necessarily involves living in a hotel or hotel. But in the case of Armenia, there are also pleasant exceptions. Everyone can change the faceless hotel walls to the cozy home of one of the local residents. The best place for such experiments is the village of Meghradzor, where everyone strictly follows national traditions and customs.

Clean air, pristine nature, mountains and silence – all this is about Meghradzor. Urban residents here will be a lot of new things. People in the village are not only hospitable, but also hardworking. There are pigs, cows, chickens, and sheep in each yard. Every tourist can contribute to the care of Pets. If there is no such desire, you can help the hostess prepare lavash or any other national dish in the tandoor. No one will be surprised. Armenians know that their country is unique, and it holds a lot of secrets,

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