Armenia is a beautiful mountainous country with a long history and a distinctive culture. No country in the world can compete with its number of attractions. Each era has left its mark on this ancient site. And at the end the number of historical monuments have reached an unprecedented rate of four thousand. Any sites worth seeing in Armenia is not just unusual, but truly unique.

Choose the most vivid tours routes

In each country, and Armenia in this regard is no exception, ,tour routes are divided into two categories: standard and exclusive. Which is better? It all depends on what the purpose of the tourist. For those who want to see the real Armenia, with its traditions, native hospitality, unique architecture and pristine nature suitable exclusive travel.

In these trips there is no place for fussiness, haste, tactless questions of tourists. Available car with driver in Armenia allows you to see all the sights with maximum comfort, for younger travellers there is a kids ‘ chair. In the section “About me“, you can select auto from this list, the models differ in capacity and class.

The section presents the most popular tourist destinations, but it is only the “tip of the tour iceberg.” In the study of Armenia is not, and there can be no restrictions. An experienced guide just to develop a personal tour, taking into account all wishes of travelers.

You’ve always wanted to visit the “dead” town Khndzoresk, where time was interrupted by your move? Or have a desire to see the monastery of Khor Virap — the site where Gregory the Illuminator? All the amazing, beautiful and mysterious places in Armenia do not count. But this is not important, but the fact that they are all ready to open their secrets to people. It is sufficient to order the transfer of Armenia, or excursion from Yerevan and updated via the feedback form or the chat at the bottom of the screen, what is the direction of interest.

The starting point of the path — Yerevan!

Yerevan is not only the capital of Armenia, and her heart and pride. In this city travelers “fall in love” once and for all. The house in pink (literally), fountains, unusual architecture, many museums and friendly, always smiling locals. Hence I do not want to leave, although this problem is not exactly there. From Yerevan taxi in Armenia can move in any direction, for example taxis in Tsaghkadzor contacts +37441555145. excursion from Tsaghkadzor. Along the way you will meet interesting and iconic sights of the country. The majestic volcano Aragats, Tatev monastery, the devil’s Bridge — the list is endless. Words cannot describe the beauty of this country, its a must see!

Ready to meet You at the Airport at any time of the day. on cars Toyota AlphardMazda MPVLexus RX330, Toyota Ipsum, Opel Zafira

Here is a list of the main directions of transfer. One popular route is a Shuttle to the Tsaghkadzor. If Your ultimate point here, just email me through the form on the contact page and I will contact You.

The cost of transfer by minibus Mercedes Sprinter you can find here.

* Price per car (1-4 persons). The cost of the van please enquire

The cost of the minibus here

Routes to and from with waiting 2-3 hours The cost of USD *
Airport — Tatev (ropeway) — Yerevan 150 USD
Airport — Yerevan — Tsaghkadzor from 21 USD. to 32, depending on the number of people
Airport — Dilijan 32 USD
Yerevan — Sevan 21 USD
Yerevan — Garni — Geghard — Yerevan 42 USD
Yerevan — Khor Virap — Yerevan 42 USD
Yerevan — Noravank — Yerevan 63 USD
Yerevan — Jermuk — Yerevan  83 USD
Yerevan — Aragats(lake Kari) — Yerevan 42 USD
Yerevan — Jermuk 64 USD
Yerevan — Vanadzor 42 USD
Airport Gyumri — Yerevan 53 USD
Yerevan — Tbilisi. insurance is included in the price 115 USD

From Tsaghkadzor

Route The cost of USD *
Tsakhkadzor — Airport Yerevan 21 USD
The Tsaghkadzor, Hankavan(sources) — Tsaghkadzor 21 USD
Tsaghkadzor — Dilijan Tsakhkadzor 42 USD
Tsakhkadzor — Sevan — Tsaghkadzor 21 USD
Tsaghkadzor — through Selim -Jermuk — Tsaghkadzor 83 USD
Tsaghkadzor — Yerevan — Tsaghkadzor 42 USD
Tsaghkadzor, Armenia — Tsaghkadzor 53 USD
Tsaghkadzor — Khor Virap monastery — Tsaghkadzor 63 USD
Tsaghkadzor — Areni — Noravank Monastery — Tsaghkadzor  73 USD
Tsaghkadzor -through Selim mountain — Tatev monastery — Tsaghkadzor 115 USD
Tsaghkadzor — Khndzoresk — Tsaghkadzor 115 USD
Tsaghkadzor — Aragats, lake Kari — Tsaghkadzor  63 USD
Tsaghkadzor — Tbilisi — Tsaghkadzor. insurance is included in the price 150 USD
Tsaghkadzor — Tbilisi. insurance is included in the price 115 USD