taxi yerevan to tsaghkadzor taxi cost։ Aeroport Gyumri Tbilisi, Jermuk Hanqavan, Tatev, Dilijan, Taxi to Stepanakert (Artsakh), Sevan and other cities and list of Fares prices at the bottom to 4 people. or 5 — 6 persons, the car is a minivan. how to get from Tsaghkadzor to Jermuk?. Yerevan, Stepanakert or from Yerevan. Yerevan airport to Yerevan taxi.

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rent a private car with a driver in Armenia allows you to see all the sights with maximum comfort, the youngest passengers will also be comfortable to travel around Armenia in a comfortable children’s car seat. order a taxi in Armenia, or Excursions from Yerevan by car and specify through the feedback form or chat at the bottom of the screen, which direction you are interested in.

The starting point of the journey taxi is Yerevan, Tsakhkadzor!

how much does it cost to get from Yerevan by taxi in Armenia you can move in any direction, for example a taxi in Tsakhkadzor to Sevan, Dilijan, or Jermuk, Tatev… or Excursions from Tsakhkadzor along the way will meet only interesting and iconic sights of the country. The majestic Aragats volcano, the Tatev monastery, the bridge of Satan-you can list them endlessly. Words cannot describe the beauty of this country, it must be seen!

I am ready to meet You at the Airport at any time of the day. on Toyota Alphard vehicles,

Here is a list of the main directions of transfer. One popular route is a Shuttle to the Tsaghkadzor. If Your ultimate point here, just email me through the form on the contact page and I will contact You.

The cost of transfer by minibus Mercedes Sprinter you can find


* Price per car (1-4 persons). The cost of the van please enquire

Taxi From Yerevan

Routes to and from with waiting 2-3 hours The cost of USD *
Airport — Tatev (ropeway) — Yerevan 150 USD
Airport — Yerevan — Tsaghkadzor from 21 USD. to 32, depending on the number of people
Airport — Dilijan 35 USD
Yerevan airport to Yerevan city hotel 13 USD
Yerevan — Sevan 41 USD
Yerevan — Garni — Geghard — Yerevan 42 USD
Yerevan — Khor Virap — Yerevan 42 USD
Yerevan — Noravank — Yerevan 63 USD
Yerevan — Jermuk — Yerevan  85 USD
Yerevan — Jermuk 64 USD
Yerevan — Stepanakert Karabakh 115 USD
Airport Gyumri — Yerevan 53 USD
Yerevan — Tbilisi 200 USD

From Tsaghkadzor

Route The cost of USD *
Tsakhkadzor — Airport Yerevan 29 USD
The Tsaghkadzor, Hankavan(sources) — Tsaghkadzor 21 USD
Tsaghkadzor — Dilijan Tsakhkadzor 42 USD
Tsakhkadzor — Sevan — Tsaghkadzor 21 USD
Tsaghkadzor — through Selim -Jermuk  64 USD
Tsaghkadzor — Yerevan  15 USD
Tsaghkadzor, Armenia — Tsaghkadzor 53 USD
Tsaghkadzor — Khor Virap monastery — Tsaghkadzor 63 USD
Tsaghkadzor — Areni — Noravank Monastery — Tsaghkadzor  73 USD
Tsaghkadzor -through Selim mountain — Tatev monastery — Tsaghkadzor 115 USD
Tsaghkadzor — Khndzoresk — Tsaghkadzor 115 USD
Tsaghkadzor — Aragats, lake Kari — Tsaghkadzor  63 USD
Tsaghkadzor — Tbilisi — Tsaghkadzor 250 USD
Tsaghkadzor — Tbilisi 200 USD