People have desire to visit Armenia for various reasons. Some want to see one of the the oldest countries on the planet, while others are influenced by numerous attractions, there are those who come to this country for the purpose of improvement and all these tourists share one thing: The desire to live in the best possible conditions while traveling. When it comes to the question of where to stay in Armenia, one should approach it with great care. There are a lot of hotels and guest houses in the country, they differ significantly in terms of prices and comfort.

Metropolitan centres at the highest level

In Armenia, there is an excellent hotel with all facilities required for the tourists, which doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be expensive, and Yerevan, the capital of the country, is also not an exception in this regard. This city is annually becoming more and more popular among tourists, attracting people from all corners of the world who are seeking bright emotions, interesting tours, wine tastings, brandy, and dishes of national cuisine. The doors of the guest house <<Aygestan>> are open to all visitors year-round. Accommodation in a small, homelike institution will make the rest in Yerevan unforgettable. Accommodation in a guest house and in other hotels can lead to considerable cost savings. To achieve this, It is enough to use the services of a private guide, for whom it is available to book rooms at a discount. During the peak tourist season, when there are practically no available rooms in the capital’s hotels, he will also help you find an excellent option at a reasonable price.

Recovering with comfort

Armenia is a unique country, where tourists have the opportunity to combine a rich program of tours with health recovery. The resorts welcome travelers all year-round. For those who are seeking peace and solitude, vacationing in Dilijan is ideal, as the resort is located in the Agsteva valley. The cozy guest house «Mimino» offers stunning views of the mountains. The settlement is surrounded by pristine nature, the air is crystal clear, and local mineral waters are considered a powerful healing factor. Another place where people improve their health through water therapy is the Jermuk resort. On its territory, there are about 40 springs with hot water all year-round. People come here, if only for a while, to distract themselves from the hectic pace of modern life, to relax surrounded by mountains, aroma of various plants or the blinding purity of snow cover. Those who are looking for a place to stay in Jermuk should consider stopping at the «Evmari» hotel. It is situated in the heart of the resort and it has everything you need for a comfortable stay. With the approach of winter, the relevant question becomes the choice of a worthy ski resort. One of such places is Tsaghkadzor, which is located 50 km away from Yerevan. For tourists there are 12 kilometres of great mountain trails and several lines of lifts. There is also a cozy hotel in Tsaghkadzor with an unusual name «tsaghkahovit» which welcomes guests all year-round. People come here not only for skiing but also for clean air, beautiful nature and excellent infrastructure that make a summer vacation at a resort no less interesting. From Tsaghkadzor it’s easy to reach any part of Armenia, combining a stay in the mountain valley with exploring the best sights in the country.

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