Canyon of Garni stretching along the river Azat (Garni) and tributary of Azat Goght. It is notable for its magnificent, seemingly artificial slopes, which consist of regular hexagonal prisms. The last stretch from the foot to the top of the gorge and was named «Symphony of stones».

Azat river is very beautiful. It is a left tributary of Araks river. The length of the river is 55km, pool-572km2. It originates from the South-Western slopes of Geghama mountains and passes through Khosrov reserve. To the right of the village of Garni, Goght tributary enters the canyon of Garni. This part of the gorge called the gorge of the Azat river. In its lower course the river comes out to Ararat valley. Has a great fall and a rocky riverbed.

The river is fed primarily by groundwater. It overflows in April-June. These days you can hear the water from the bottom of the tear stones and break with them. Water used for irrigation and electricity production. The waters of the river Azat Azat feed reservoir and hydroelectric power station. The average annual flow rate at the mouth of the river is about 6,51m3/s, maximum 35. 9m3/s, the flow 206mln.m3.

Near the Garni village along the river Azat is a single-span bridge of XIII century. At the head of the gorge is a temple of Garni and the monastery complex of havuts tar. If viewed from the side of Garni temple, a rock, formed from the confluence of the rivers Azat and Goght, similar to a guitar.