Hallmark is Jermuk drinking gallery, which is located in the city centre. Lead to different paths through the so-called city Park. They say that in the early 50-ies the scientists conducted a Symposium and approved the list of plants that you should not even try to grow in Jermuk. The list was Kirill Sergeevich Beater, and he grew in his garden… almost all the trees from this black list.

Gallery is very similar to the structure of Tolkien – arches, columns, water flowing from the taps in the huge jugs. Here you can taste the famous Jermuk source. The long gallery is immured in the wall of the pipe, from which in several places allotted cranes. As it turned out, the water also have a degree. This, of course, not about the alcoholic, and Celsius. Here are five types of mineral water with different temperature from 30 to 53 degrees. The farther from the source the colder water.

Jermuk is built on the edge of a shallow, picturesque gorges, and the first Spa was located downstairs, near the impressive waterfall, which is not dried up the flow of tourists with cameras. Over time, however, the resort centre moved upstairs, and now there are all germanskie sanatorium, representing the best examples of Stalin and Brezhnev architecture