Passing through the centuries and world wars, countless of different rulers and an uncertain future,in a small Armenian state Nagornykarabakh still remains the same 2000 year old plane tree whose name Tengri.

Near the highway North – South, on the 37th km from Stepanakert,near the village of Skhtorashen rises to the heavens a mighty sycamore. Currently, the age of the mighty giant – 2035 years,it has a trunk diameter of 27 metres, a height of 54 metres and the leaves reaching up to half a meter. At the base of the trunk of a large hollow,the inner area of which is – 44m2 , which can seat 100 people . The area of the crown of the tree is 1400 m2. On this basis, Tengri (Platanus orientalis, Latin name) is the largest tree in the world.

According to historical data in the 5th century in the shade of a tree resting,the Creator of Armenian alphabet Mesrop Mashtots,the first Armenian historian Moses of chorene,in the 18th century Armenian writer and poet, Sayat-Nova. Based on the age and size of the tree, the locals give it a spiritual meaning. The people have a belief according to which, who would burn the tree will die within 7 days. Probably the belief arose in order to protect the tree because it countless times subjected to attempted arson and was on the verge of turning to ash.The problem was so urgent, that the tree was exhibited round the clock security.

Despite numerous trials on his journey Tengri survived through the centuries. At that time, when Karabakh was part of the Soviet Union Thereby has a certificate «the biggest tree growing on the territory of the USSR».

Surviving and remaining an important sanctuary Tingri,is a popular destination for visitors who come to see the living witness of the Armenian history.

In the vicinity of Sycamore survived numerous historical and cultural monuments. The most noteworthy among them are the temple of the early middle ages, the ancient cemetery with numerous and splendid khachkars (stone-crosses). Since 2008 works on beautification of the surrounding areas.