Areni is just a small village. However, the name «Areni» is well known in all parts of Armenia and even beyond its borders. It is here that the most delicious Armenian wines are born, and every year (since 2009) an international wine festival is organized, where various varieties of young and aged grape wines are presented, which are produced at a local factory. Areni winery was founded 25 years ago, in 1994, and in the beginning it was just a small family business. Today, tourists are happy to visit the winery and get acquainted with the process of creating a “Sunny” drink. Many stages of work are performed manually, which allows you to achieve very high quality products. Wine can be purchased here at the factory, because the majority of visitors will certainly want to take a couple of bottles with you.


The well-established road and transport infrastructure of Armenia allows you to reach Areni by private car or using the services of affordable travel companies that carry out regular excursions and tours to the country’s attractions. Thanks to Areni’s geographical location, the road will not seem long.


Favorable weather conditions in Armenia ensure the maximum duration of the Areni visit period: in Armenia, the warm season begins in March and lasts until late autumn, while winter is not very snowy and short-lived. The pronounced precipitation season is changeable. The season of Areni attendance depends on the weather conditions.



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    Areni wine factory was founded in 1994 on the initiative of the Simonyan family. The founders of the production set as their goal the preservation and continuation of the ancient wine-making traditions of this region. In a short time, the family factory has grown into a large-scale production offering a rich selection of quality wines.

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    Historically, the village of Areni is considered the» cradle » of Armenian winemaking. It is here that one of the most ancient grape varieties is grown, used in the production of wines and bearing the same name – «Areni». Legends about this place were also confirmed by archaeological finds: in one of the caves of Areni («cave of birds»), an ancient grape press was discovered, the age of which was estimated at about 6000 years. There were also found numerous jugs, dishes and devices used in ancient times for winemaking.

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    The production of high-quality wine begins long before the winery, even at the stage of growing grapes. Vineyard care has its own characteristics and is carried out in stages, depending on the time of year. Harvesting in Areni starts around mid-September and lasts until almost mid-November. The most» late » point of grape harvesting is considered to be the village of Khachik, located at an altitude of 1600 m above sea level.