The extinct volcano Aragats — the highest mountain on the territory of modern Armenia and Transcaucasia. Mount Aragats itself is a majestic natural monument with four peaks and a lake in the middle.

In ancient times the eruption, accompanied by an explosion, destroyed the mountain top. And now around the crater of irregular shape rise like the petals of a giant flower with four peaks: the Northern — 4090 metres West of 4080 m, Eastern — 3916 metres South — 3879 meters. Over the centuries, after numerous eruptions and earthquakes, the mountain was covered with rocks and layers of tufa.

The slopes of Aragats cut through deep gorges, the largest are Geghovit and Amberd, having a depth of 500 meters. In the gorge Geghovit down three waterfalls with the height of the water drop more than 100 meters. Many large and small rivers originate in the mount Aragats, among them Geghovit and Kasakh, Amberd and sevjur. The green carpet of Alpine vegetation covers the mountain from late summer to early autumn. The Alpine landscape of Aragats with its variety of colors, many springs, beautiful mountain air is very beautiful.On the steep summit slopes of Aragats often even in the summer there are small snow fields, near which in the summer and early autumn abundant with snowdrops and other flowers. No less beautiful panoramic views of the mountain part and belt at the top — Shine of mountain lakes among emerald green of slopes, lonely hills hiding in the fog.

The beautiful landscape of foothills and mountain belts, numerous monuments of culture on its slopes can be attributed Aragats the interesting peaks, attractive for lovers of travel and Alpine climbing.

With mount Aragats is associated with many legends and stories about the period of the adoption of Christianity and SV. Gregory The Illuminator. Aragats has always attracted the attention of travelers remains of the monuments of ancient civilizations.