The waterfall of Shaki is located in the North of Sisian. On the origin of the waterfall and its name, fame is a wonderful legend.

The Shaki river is a modest tributary of the stormy Vorotan, which forms a beautiful waterfall. According to legend, the waterfall got its name in honor of the beautiful shakeh, who, unwilling to submit to violence by one of the invaders threw herself from a high cliff. During the fall long dress girls appeared from the wind and turned into a waterfall, which was later called Shaki waterfall.

The Shaki waterfall is a deep gorge, the hillsides rich in caves and rock niches. Energy of the river Shaki in this place is very strong, the sea sparkling spray absorb the voices of the people and almost all the sounds of nature.

This place was populated even in ancient times . Nearby, archaeologists found a large camp belonging to primitive man. Here were found stone tools and the remains of ash.

Falls, overthrows its waters with vosemnadtsatimetrovoy height, harmonizes perfectly with the appearance of Paleolithic caves can be found nearby. According to historians, this was the place in the development of mankind took place with unprecedented speed. The territory of Shaki waterfall reasonably believe «the archaeological Treasury», because in this area there are several unique caves, where once lived the primitive people.

Harmony treasure of human history and natural grandeur, like a magnet attracts travelers from all corners of the planet. Not surprisingly, almost all sightseeing tours in Armenia include a visit to Shaki waterfall, belonging to the places which are called the cradle of mankind.