Balneological springs of the village of Hankavan — have the of the most valuable in the treatment and prevention against water among similar balneological springs of Armenia. Hankavan village-resort in 85 km from Yerevan, in the Kotayk region, in the picturesque valley of the Marmarik river.

The most famous shoots out of the hole to a depth of several hundred meters and is situated at an altitude of over 1900 meters above sea level in the upper reaches of the river. Water composition are hydrocarbonate-chloride sodium.

The water temperature in the main section is 39°, mineralization of 8.7 g/l, content (Н2ЅіО3+НЅіО3) 67 mg/l, also contains large amounts of iron. The spring itself is divided into 3 pools-baths, for up to 5 people under the open sky.

The source of “Zvartnots” airport doesn’t have a warm changing rooms, so swimming here in the winter only the bravest. After bathing is not recommended within 12 hours to take a shower or bath, to increase the beneficial effects of water on the human body. The place is popular among lovers of skiing and snowboarding as a great place to warm up and relieve tension in the muscles after skiing.