Khndzoresk is located at a distance of 13 km from the town of Goris. The village is famous for its natural stone carpets. Old Khndzoresk is located on the slope of two hills, where there was level ground for the construction of settlements and so people lived in caves. During Syunik national liberation movement (1722-1730), due to its geographical location, Khndzoresk served as an impregnable citadel. Here is buried one of the Supreme commanders of Armenia, Mkhitar Sparapet, and beside him his wife Gohar and son Aaron.

Recently in Khndzoresk opened a unique structure — the «Swinging bridge». The length of the bridge is 160 meters long, the height from the deepest part of the gorge of 63 meters, width 1.5 meters and a weight of 14 tons. At the same time it can cross 700. The bridge, which offers a magnificent view connects together the two banks of Old Khndzoresk.