The Saghmosavank monastery was founded in 1215 when the Prince Vache Vachutyan ordered to erect a temple of Surb Zion (Holy Zion). Later the temple was overgrown with outbuildings to the West and South sides – there is the gavit (1250), the book Depository (1255), Church. Astvatsatsin (1235). All these structures constitute the monastic complex of Saghmosavank. The main Church belongs to the type of cross-domed churches. This severe-looking building of dark-brown stone, each of its four sides represents the cross-shaped facade. And in the middle rises a dome on a cylindrical drum.

The Saghmosavank monastery was famous for the storage of manuscripts. Here were created and copied many of the miniature illustrations. The library of Saghmosavank is among quite rare for the assignment and original composition of structures of Armenia. The smooth facades of the modest stacks, not inferior to the height of the temple contrasts with the rich carving and color interiors. The Central arch tent stacks topped with an octagonal rotunda. Geometric and floral designs decorate the arch and the framing of the opening.The elegance interior features and color scheme, its separate parts are not only made of red and black stones, but also painted in white, yellow and red colors.